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my application =)

Name: Amanda
Age: 18
Birthday: March first
Star Sign: Pices/rabbit
Height: 5'7"
Left handed/Right?: lefty and proud of it. =)
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black bangs and blond for the rest
Good with money?: Lets just say if it's under 20, it'll be gone in 5 minutes or less
Talk about yourself for a few sentences, just about anything:

Your Life
Favorite Color:turquoise
Favorite Food: absolutely anything except: mushrooms, asparagus, and blue cheese
Favorite Animal: cats
Favorite Non-domesticated animal(Wolf?Bat?): Foxes are awesome ^^
Favorite School subject: er. does lunch count? ^-^;
Favorite Film: Donnie Darko, no wait.. My little pony movie.. no wait.. -ponders- too hard!! too many of them are good! ;-;
Favorite RE Char: Rebecca and Leon
Least Favorite RE Char: Chris and that singing leech man
Hobbies: snowboarding, cooking, chatting, pretend driving around while I'm sitting on the bus
Likes: my friends, dancing, DDR, raving, singing, fighting, parties, Koolaid, shiney's, and most of all....... DR. PEPPER!
Dislikes: father, dumb people, when people don't have a reason for being mad at me, animal abuse, child abuse, any abuse, pain, the icky (a.K.a. the stupid ex-boyfriend), the buttfly, headaches, cleaning

Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: others, because they matter most to me.
The good of the company or the Good of humanity?: humanity
Hypothetical Question:
If you found a hundred dollar bill on the street what would you do?
(be honest!) Keep it and throw a nice big party and buy gifts for all of my friends.

Good with your hands?: (Sounds so dirty ;) Yes, very much so, would you like to find out? ^.~ lol
Good with people?: I think so
Friendly?: yes, unless you piss me off
Loyal?: yes, to a fault
Forceful?: occasionally

If you were trapped in Raccoon City Who would you have with you?: (A friend? a family? Wesker?) A friend and Wesker would be very helpful, the friend can comfort me and then we can have a nice threesome with Wesker, hopefully without him trying to kill us.
What would you take with you? (Five items plz): Damn you and your hand joke, now my minds in the gutter. >< Um... plenty of socks, a tank squish! Bye bye zombies!, plenty of green herbs (I like the natural stuff), masses of dr. pepper, My happy dagger (hey slice and dice is good too! Zombie anybody?)
How big an RE fan are you? (on a scale of 1-10. 1 being notsomuch, 10 being STARS member extraordinare) 7
(Drop a photo or two of yourself behind an LJ cut and you're done!)

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