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Hello, new here

Name: Tara
Age: 14
Birthday: December 6, 1990
Star Sign: Sagitarus(can't spell it >_>)
Height: 5"2 1/2
Left handed/Right?: Right
Eye Color: Hazel(So my mom says cause my eyes change color)
Hair Color: Brown
Good with money?: Hell no lol I'm really bad! XP I spend money as soon as I recive it.
Talk about yourself for a few sentences, just about anything: Well I live in New York. I am a 9th grader. I am a hard core yaoi fangirl lolz.

Your Life

Favorite Color: Blue,pink, black and white
Favorite Food: Pizza, platantos, rice and beans
Favorite Animal: Dragon?
Favorite Non-domesticated animal(Wolf?Bat?): Any kind of Reptiles
Favorite School subject: I really don't have a favorite subject
Favorite Film: Lol White Chicks
Favorite RE Char: Wesker, Chris and Birkin
Least Favorite RE Char: Jill and Claire
Hobbies: Videogames(heh heh)
Likes: Anime, videogames, blue, yaoi, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, my PS2, hanging out, writing fics, reading fics, smut, etc(there is alot more)
Dislikes: Yuri,Red, Boring teachers,Country,Rock,Metal,moronic boys,cheerleaders, Summer, Homework


Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: Self-preservation
The good of the company or the Good of humanity?: Umm good of the company?
Hypothetical Question
If you found a hundred dollar bill on the street what would you do?
(be honest!): I would....SPEND IT!


Good with your hands?: Yep yep
Good with people?: Yeah
Friendly?: Depends
Loyal?: Maybe
Forceful?: Not really


If you were trapped in Raccoon City Who would you have with you?:Lol Wesker XD

What would you take with you?: Guns and any kind of weponary, some medicine and stuff to entertain me.

How big an RE fan are you? (on a scale of 1-10. 1 being notsomuch, 10 being STARS member extraordinare): I say 9

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I'm the one in the black jacket...>_> I know, I's from school......lolz XD
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