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Rate me! Rate me!

Name: Elsa
Age: 16
Birthday: November 17th
Star Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'2" ... or 5'3". Not sure. What does 161cm translate into?
Left handed/Right?: I'm a rightie.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Good with money?: Sort of. I'm the treasurer of my class. Does that say anything?
Talk about yourself for a few sentences, just about anything: I'm the youngest of four and I'm still schooling. I'm taking a very, very, very big exam at the end of this year and I've not done anything about it yet. (I am so bad.) I'm - er, hehe - addicted to Neopets. I have a soft spot for guitarists and German men. I have three dogs, all of the pug breed.

Your Life
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Pizza! Mmm, pizza.
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Non-domesticated animal (Wolf? Bat?): Wolf
Favorite School subject: English
Favorite Film: Resident Evil, of course! But if this question asks for something other than RE, then it's 28 Days Later. Constantine is a close second.
Favorite RE Char: Evil jerkhole as he may be, I'm proud to declare that I am a Major Cain fangirl. Whee!
Least Favorite RE Char: Terri. WHY is she even in the movie other than to get herself killed? *twitch*
Hobbies: Writing, reading, playing The Sims, making LJ icons, playing games on Neopets, filling in surveys on Friendster (yes, you can laugh :D), writing, writing, writing, writing ... Did I mention writing?
Likes: Spongebob Squarepants, the ingenuity of The Fairly Oddparents, football (or soccer, if you live in America), cartoons, writing, sleep, Italian food, The Sims, all things supernatural, Greek/Egyptian mythology, astrology, chocolate, drawing, singing, making LJ icons, silly (read: dirty) jokes, cool colours, books, fantasy-oriented stuff.
Dislikes: People who neglect the need for proper grammar and punctuation, rude people especially on the roads, greedy people on Neopets who are willing to abandon their moral values for a bunch of pixels, my computer crashing for no reason (like it just did), spyware and adware, exams, History class, dance music.

Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: I lean more towards the preservation of others.
The good of the company or the Good of humanity?: The good of humanity.

Hypothetical Question:
If you found a hundred dollar bill on the street what would you do?
I'd take it.

Good with your hands?: Not really. *cries*
Good with people?: Yeah.
Friendly?: Yup.
Loyal?: Well ... to a certain extent. :P
Forceful?: Not really.

If you were trapped in Raccoon City Who would you have with you?: I'd want to have my friend along with me. We're both RE fans, so it'd be cool if we could stick together while the disaster unfolds. Mwahaha.
What would you take with you? (Five items plz): My mobile phone, a notebook, a pen, facial wipes (hey, I want to look pretty if and when I go), and ... maybe a book. I dunno. I'm unsure of the last one.
How big an RE fan are you? (on a scale of 1-10. 1 being notsomuch, 10 being STARS member extraordinare): I'd go with 7/10 - I'm more of a fan of the movies than of the games.

Photo time! I apologise for the fact that there's only one - this was the nicest one I could find on my hard drive. Heh.

And yes, that's my school uniform. :D
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