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Name: Brittany
Age: 15
Birthday: 10/26
Star Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'2"
Left handed/Right?: Right
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Good with money?: Kinda
Talk about yourself for a few sentences, just about anything: I love to hang out with friends, play videogames, and sew. And I really like to cook.

Your Life
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Cheese
Favorite Animal: Kitties
Favorite Non-domesticated animal(Wolf?Bat?): Leopards
Favorite School subject: Art
Favorite Film: Mulan
Favorite RE Char:
Least Favorite RE Char: Wesker
Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Cooking when I can, videogames, hanging around being lazy.
Likes: Books, my game systems, Animals, Butterflies, anything cute and fuzzy... -_-
Dislikes: Umbrella, Wesker, cooked carrots and peas.

Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: Preservation of others
The good of the company or the Good of humanity?: Good of Humanity
Hypothetical Question:
If you found a hundred dollar bill on the street what would you do?
(be honest!) I would look around to see if anyone was looking around for it and if not I would keep it.

Good with your hands?: (Sounds so dirty ;) Yes
Good with people?: Yep
Loyal?: Depends
Forceful?: Sometimes

If you were trapped in Raccoon City Who would you have with you?: (A friend? a family? Wesker?) A friend!
What would you take with you? (Five items plz): A glock, ammo, first aid spray, a flashlight, and sniper (how I love that thing)                                                                                                                                                                                              How big an RE fan are you? (on a scale of 1-10. 1 being notsomuch, 10 being STARS member extraordinare) I would say an 9.

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