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Name: Megan - you spell it wrong, I kill you.
Age: 17
Birthday: January 6th
Star Sign: Capricorn.
Height: 5'4"
Left handed/Right?: Righty (dubbya tee eff...)
Eye Color: Hazel.
Hair Color: Auburn.
Good with money?: Uh...I got two bucks on me. No, wait, I just spent that on a soda and a pack of gum. Shit.
Talk about yourself for a few sentences, just about anything: Well, I...would love to spank Leon like a certain icon around here entices me to do. *giggle!* "Where's everybody going? Bingo?" ...Anyway, :: shifty eyes :: I prefer sitting in my room as opposed to hanging out with a group of loser friends any day. The mall is a sinister place and I think it's funny when someone gets hit by a car. Any questions?

Your Life
Favorite Color: Crimson, black, or silver. I cannot choose!
Favorite Food: Mmm...chinese.
Favorite Animal: Raven or white wolf.
Favorite Non-domesticated animal(Wolf?Bat?): Uh...you can domesticate a bird (c'mon! Maleficient!? ...Vicious!?), so I'm still gonna say wolf.
Favorite School subject: History.
Favorite Film: Right now it's Shaun of the Dead. British people are awesome. Before that it was...Short Circuit. I hear you laughing! Shut up!
Favorite RE Char: Wesker or Leon. Man...those two are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. ...Then again, can I say Nemesis too? Yeah, Nemi rocks. Blow some shit up, Nemi. You got my backing.
Least Favorite RE Char: Can I shoot Brad? Or Mr. Jill Sandwich over here. Barry. Too bad that big ol' plant in RE 1 didn't eat him up alive. ...If only he were allergic to bees or something.
Hobbies: Collecting baseball cards, watching moi Cubbies (Todd Walker is the hottness), and trying to get my associates to act out stuff in MXC.
Likes: Baseball, anime (good anime - meaning Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing, Trigun, and a few more), monkeys that dance the macarena, roleplaying, music music music, and my hit man fund piggy bank.
Dislikes: The Yankees (as everyone should), Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop (I've got my reasons, the bitch), neopets, snow, and...maybe you. I dunno yet.

Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: Most of the time I'm very "me me me!" If I care about the person enough though...then sure, let's preserve away.
The good of the company or the Good of humanity?: Humanity does and always will suck.
Hypothetical Question:
If you found a hundred dollar bill on the street what would you do? (be honest!)

It's mine. Back off. I saw it first.

Good with your hands?: I can't make a bird house. I can't make...a stick, okay? Leave me alone.
Good with people?: When I try really, really hard.
Friendly?: You're funny! ...I mean, yes, when I want to be.
Loyal?: Quite.
Forceful?: :: cracks whip ::

If you were trapped in Raccoon City Who would you have with you?: Leon wouldn't be bad to have. I'd just point to stuff and he'd go "yes m'lady!" and BOOM with the handcannon! ...or the Nemesis. Yeah, Nemi would kick some ass for me and give me piggy back rides. Squee.
What would you take with you? (Five items plz): A gun (eh...shotgun? Handcannon? Chicago Typewriter? Your Momma?), first aid spray (because it can heal everything - even amputations), ammo for that gun, something to drink (Cherry Cookeeee...), and...a phone. In case I needed to order a pizza in the depths of zombie-infested Raccoon City.
How big an RE fan are you?: Leon graces his presence on my walls, Nemi-dearest purrs on my desk, and...well...I'm here, dammit!

These pictures are all pretty old (one or two years old anyway). I should really...scan some in.

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